About Me

Born in Denver, Colorado, where I grew up, I was enveloped by my families’ small business. In my early childhood they ran a cut flower business. I spent many hours unsupervised exploring the greenhouse where the flowers were grown. They later transitioned into winemaking as the


greenhouse business could no longer support itself. I played a far more constructive role in this business- usually completing manual labor tasks such as working in the vineyard or around the winery property. Commonly though I found myself repairing equipment- such as tractors- or building new accommodations. This created a passion for underlying form and taught me that there were no limitations on what someone can build or accomplish with the right information and determination.

The seed of my passion for ceramics as a means of expression was planted while being raised in my grandparents’ home, which was furnished with a ceramics collection that would incite jealousy among museum curators. To a young, trouble-making kid it translated to a house full of booby traps because I would continuously commit the crime of playing with them. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I stopped taking these objects for granted and saw the humanity and energy that they embodied. That realization led me to abandon my then current plan of becoming a pilot.  Enveloped by the romanticism of ceramic art, but still retaining a love for the technical understanding and human ingenuity that flight represented for me, I began to formulate the ideas that I would approach my undergrad with.

I am currently at ASU pursuing a double major in Ceramic Fine Arts and Material Science & Engineering. My expected graduation date is May 2018. In the fall of 2018 I will be attending Penn State to begin my pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts Degree.